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Imagine gaining access to any digital content or the internet of things without ever having to use a PIN, User ID or Password!

Make this dream a reality with Voxidem

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Improved Customer Experience!

Your customers don't need to remember a single password, PIN or even a phrase. And the authentication process can happen in two seconds.

Rock Solid Security!

VoicePass’s authentication process is the most accurate biometric available. Voxidem is much more accurate (and more convenient) than a fingerprint or a retinal scan.

Dramatically Lower Cost!

Voxidem requires no up-front capital investment. There is no equipment to purchase, and the cost of authentication is a fraction of other methods.

Improve customer experience, increase security, and lower cost with ValidVoice

Speaker Authentication Solutions

Valid Voice’s proprietary and patented Speaker Authentication Solution uses the unique characteristics of a person’s voice to positively identify the person during an unscripted natural conversation.

Seamlessly and efficiently identify callers to a contact center

Secure web sites

Cardless ATM, POS and Web transactions

Secure Mobile apps and portals

  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Health records
  • Any other information that needs protecting

Identify an individual during a face to face interaction

  • Law Enforcement
  • Border Protection
  • Bank Teller

Monitor phone calls

  • Monitor phone calls from inmates in a prison system
  • Law enforcement and intelligence
  • Monitor remote Contact Center agents

Access control

  • Home Automation
  • Alarm systems
  • Access control systems

So How Is It Used?

Why not see for yourself. Watch the video below to see how Voxidem can be used for you.

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